CSSLint automated linting of Cascading Stylesheets.

Make sure you’ve already set up the assets module in your project!




assets {
 fileset {
   home: ...
 pipeline {
   dev: [csslint]

see also

css processors

js processors

  • props: replace application properties in JavaScript files.

  • jscs: JavaScript code style checker.

  • jshint: JavaScript linter, helps to detect errors and potential problems in code..

  • babel: Ecma6 now via Babel.

  • rollup: rollup.js the next-generation ES6 module bundler.

  • ng-annotate: Add, remove and rebuild AngularJS dependency injection annotations.

  • closure-compiler: Google JavaScript optimizer and minifier.

  • uglify: uglify.js optimizer.

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  • yui-js: YUI JS optimizer.