the jump to full stack

Development Tools Increase development productivity: run, debug and auto-reload Jooby applications! Route Spec Learn how to write and build powerful APIs and get live doc, testing and more for FREE. Data Access various data store including relational, documented oriented, key/value and much much more! Assets A library to validate, concatenate, minify or compress JavaScript and CSS files! Parser & Renderer Parse and renderer HTTP data using the library of your choice! Reactive & Async Produces a result from a thread of its choice and choose your favorite reactive & async library! HTTP Session Do you need to track state? Checkout how to do it without affecting performance! Caches Looking for speed? Increase your application performance with insanely fast data access! Security Protects your application and authenticate users via form or social network! Deployment Learn how to build, package, deploy and monitor your application. Servers Run your application on top of your favorite Web Server! Even More! Kotlin, JavaScript, metrics, full text search, schedulers, AWS, mail support, enterprise service bus... and lot more!