Build, package and distribute your application using Stork.

Stork is a collection of utilities for optimizing your after-build workflow by filling in the gap between your Java build system and eventual end-user app execution.


Stork integration is provided via Maven Profiles.

  • Write your stork.yml launcher and save it in the src/etc directory

  • Open a console and type: mvn clean package

  • It builds a [app-name].zip file inside the target directory

profile activation

The stork Maven profile is activated by the presence of the src/etc/stork.yml file.

launcher configuration

You must name your launcher as stork.yml and save it inside the src/etc directory.

Maven properties defined here will be resolved and merged into the final output. Examples of these properties are: ${application.class}, ${project.groupId}, etc…


Here’s a simple example of the stork.yml launcher:

# Name of application (make sure it has no spaces)
name: "${project.artifactId}"

# Display name of application (can have spaces)
display_name: "${}"

# Type of launcher (CONSOLE or DAEMON)
type: DAEMON

# Java class to run
main_class: "${application.class}"

domain: "${project.groupId}"

short_description: "${project.artifactId}"

# Platform launchers to generate (WINDOWS, LINUX, MAC_OSX)
# Linux launcher is suitable for Bourne shells (e.g. Linux/BSD)
platforms: [ LINUX ]

# Working directory for app
# RETAIN will not change the working directory
# APP_HOME will change the working directory to the home of the app
# (where it was intalled) before running the main class
working_dir_mode: RETAIN

# Minimum version of java required (system will be searched for acceptable jvm)
min_java_version: "1.8"

# Min/max fixed memory (measured in MB)
min_java_memory: 512
max_java_memory: 512

# Min/max memory by percentage of system
#min_java_memory_pct: 10
#max_java_memory_pct: 20

# Try to create a symbolic link to java executable in <app_home>/run with
# the name of "<app_name>-java" so that commands like "ps" will make it
# easier to find your app
symlink_java: true